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Tips For Choosing A Great Bottle Of Gift Wine

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Wine is usually a good gift choice for about any occasion. It's suitable as a hostess gift and as a way to celebrate a new baby, new home, promotion, birthday, or anniversary. The problem you may run into is choosing the best bottle of wine for your gift. When you go to a wine store, you'll find aisle after aisle filled with different kinds of wine. Here are a few tips for choosing one that's right for the occasion.

Match The Culture

Many countries around the world export wine, so choosing one from the country that matches the occasion is a good way to narrow down your wine selection. For instance, if you are going to a friend's house for a spaghetti dinner, you may want to choose an Italian wine. If you're giving the wine as a birthday present to someone with ancestral roots in France, a French wine would be a thoughtful gift. The wine store you visit may even have the wines organized according to the region of the world they came from.

Consider The Vintage Year

An interesting idea for an anniversary celebration is to give the couple a bottle of wine with a vintage year that's the same as the year they were married. This idea would work for birthdays too. Just keep in mind some older bottles of wine can get expensive. However, a wine aficionado would understand this and appreciate the expense. Older, expensive wine is also a nice executive gift for important clients.

Choose A Mild Wine

If you have no idea what kind of wine the person would like, it's always safer to go with a slightly sweet mild wine. The taste of wine varies quite a bit depending upon the type of grapes used. Dessert wines can be very sweet. Dry wines can be bitter. Exotic wines with strong tastes may be suitable for experienced wine drinkers who love to experiment. However, for the average person, it's safer to buy a moderate, popular type of wine such as a red Merlot.

If you're not a wine drinker yourself, you may be overwhelmed at the thought of buying a bottle of wine since you have no idea what any of them taste like and what type of food they match. In that case, be sure to buy your wine from a wine store that has staff on hand to help you choose. These stores often have helpful displays that describe the wine and what foods to pair it with. An experienced wine enthusiast on staff can help you pick the perfect bottle of wine to fit any occasion and make sure it fits your budget too.

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