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How To Find A Beer That You Enjoy

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Beer is a carbonated, alcoholic beverage made by fermenting various grains. It's enjoyed by many people throughout the world, but it does have a distinctive flavor that can take some getting used to. Here are four tips that will help you enjoy a beer, even if you're new to drinking this beverage:

1. Try different things.

Beer tastes very different, depending on how it was made. If you don't enjoy the wheaty taste of most domestic beers, try an imported beer or craft beer instead. Stouts have a deep, chocolatey taste that coffee-drinkers often enjoy. Meanwhile, red ales are usually bitter and slightly tart. When you try a wide variety of beers, you'll eventually begin to notice trends in your preferences.

2. Pay attention to alcohol content.

Standard beers contain 5% alcohol by volume. Twelve ounces of beer is considered a single serving of alcohol. 5% ABV is the correct amount for most people, but your desires may vary. If you'd like to stay clear-headed, you can choose a light beer instead. Light beers have fewer calories and a lower percentage of alcohol. Some styles of craft beer contain more alcohol than is standard. For instance, a double IPA can contain up to 12% ABV, making it perfect for a night out with friends.

3. Look for a beer that mimics the qualities you enjoy in other beverages.

If you think you don't like beer, it's possible you simply haven't tried the right type. Beer comes in many flavors and styles. Many new beer drinkers find success by choosing beers that taste like their favorite beverages. If you're a wine enthusiast, you can find beers that are aged in wine barrels for a familiar, fruity flavor. People who enjoy mixed cocktails may prefer lambic beers, which offer bubbly carbonation and a distinctive sweet flavor.

4. Make sure your beer is ice cold.

Some drinks are best when served near room temperature. Warmer temperatures bring out the flavors in red wine, for instance. However, beer is best enjoyed when it's ice cold. Keep your beer in the refrigerator prior to serving it. If you plan to enjoy your beverage from a glass, you may want to chill the glass in the refrigerator for a few minutes prior to pouring your beer. Cold temperatures allow your beer to retain its carbonation for longer, which is important if you plan to sip it for an extended period of time.