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Buying Your Own Wedding Alcohol? How To Keep Costs Manageable

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Buying the liquor for your own wedding can be a good way to save money. You'll pay less buying the liquor directly from the liquor store as opposed to paying a third-party such as a catering company. But in addition to simply buying your own liquor, there are other ways to save cash and keep costs down.

Choose two types of wine, and buy by the case.

While some of your guests may have a particular type of wine they prefer, most people either like white or red — and care less about the particular varietal you've chosen. As such, for your wedding, you really only need to buy one type of red wine and one type of white wine. Buying just two varieties like this makes it possible for you to buy by the case. Many liquor stores offer a discount when you buy wine by the case, and they may offer an even bigger discount if you buy multiple cases of the same wine.

Look for rebates on liquor bottles.

When it comes to your actual liquor and spirits, look for brands that are offering rebates. You can sometimes find rebates of $5 or even $10 a bottle. This may not seem like a lot, but it can add up. Buy 10 bottles of liquor with $5 rebates, and you've saved yourself $50. Some liquor stores put rebate information right on the shelves next to the bottles, but if yours does not, ask the store manager for details. They can tell you which bottles currently come with rebates and make sure you have all the info you need — such as receipts and forms — to file for those rebates.

Offer a few signature cocktails.

It's a nice idea to offer a good selection of basic spirits, such as vodka, whiskey, and rum, at your wedding. But if you want to keep consumption down a little and also save some cash, consider adding a signature cocktail or two to the menu. These can be pre-mixed ahead of time using lower-end alcohol. As long as they are cocktails with plenty of ingredients, guests won't be able to tell they're made with lower-end spirits.

The cost of alcohol for a wedding can really add up, but with the tips and tricks above, you can keep costs under closer control. Talk to your local liquor store owner or manager for more advice.