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Flavored Gin Products To Buy

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Gin is known as a type of alcohol that has a wide array of flavor notes. When you take a sip of this beverage, you'll often be able to taste such flavors as juniper, coriander, and more. While you might enjoy these flavor notes, it can always be fun to experiment with additional flavors. An easy way to do so is to visit a local liquor store and check out the selection of flavored gin products for sale. Having one or more bottles of flavored gin on your shelf at home will give you all sorts of inspiration for making cocktails. Here are some flavored gin products that you'll often find.


Although it's common to notice very subtle citrus flavors in standard bottles of gin, you can also find gin products that have been enhanced with one or more citrus flavors. The result is a bolder citrus flavor that can work well in all sorts of mixed drinks. If you want to try something with tangy and sour notes, look for a bottle of lemon gin, lime gin, or even grapefruit gin. You'll also find gin products that feature orange flavor, which offers more sweet flavor notes that you'll enjoy.


When you think of a spiced alcoholic beverage, you might initially think of spiced rum. This is a popular product, but it's not the only spiced drink that you'll find at your local liquor store. Many stores also carry spiced gin, which can vary in flavor from product to product. Some of these gins taste a little smoky, while others even offer a slight bit of heat. Spiced gin can be a good alternative to conventional gin when you're making mixed drinks during the winter months.


Another flavored gin product that you might think about buying is mint gin. Actual mint leaves are a fixture as a garnish in many different gin cocktails. For example, when you make a gin and tonic, you might add a bit of mint to augment the look of the drink and also add some subtle mint flavor notes. If you're a fan of mint flavors and you want your gin cocktails to taste mintier, buying a bottle of mint-flavored gin can be a good idea. This beverage will still have the familiar flavor of gin, but you'll notice pronounced mint flavor notes in each sip. Look for these flavored gin products at your area liquor store. 

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