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4 Benefits Of Drinking Beer

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Beer is a carbonated alcoholic beverage made from a mash of grains. Beer is fermented using yeast to convert the natural sugars in the grains to alcohol. Additionally, hops are added for flavor. The final flavor of beer varies depending on the ingredients used in its creation and the type of brewing method used. With so many types of alcoholic beverages to choose from, you may be wondering why you should drink beer. Here are four benefits of choosing beer as your beverage of choice:

1. It comes in dark, light, and sour varieties.

Hops provide a great deal of beer's flavor. However, many brewers add additional ingredients to their beer recipes to increase the depth of flavor. People who enjoy coffee and chocolate may enjoy the deep, rich flavors of stout beers. This type of beer utilizes malted barley that has been roasted to give it its characteristic dark color and flavor. If you prefer lighter fare, you can try a light wheat beer with a clear body and a mild taste. People who enjoy tangy flavors can even indulge in sour beers made using a secondary fermentation process. 

2. It can help you manage your stress.

Beer can lower stress levels naturally, thanks to its alcohol content. Standard beer contains 5% alcohol by volume, which is lower than wine or hard liquor. Many people find that this alcohol content is sufficient to help them relax a long day without getting more inebriated than they prefer. The next time you feel yourself succumbing to stress and strain, you can reach for a glass of your favorite beer to help.

3. It can provide social lubrication.

It's not unusual to feel uncomfortable in social situations, especially with people you don't know well. Having a beer can allay your social anxiety and allow you to be yourself with others. Beer is a great social drink. You can enjoy a glass or two of craft beer with colleagues or friends for an enjoyable, low-key get-together.

4. It may help to protect your body from certain diseases.

Beer may even offer some health benefits when drunk in moderation. According to Healthline, drinking a moderate amount of beer may lower your risk of heart disease. It may even protect you from developing dementia. Additionally, beer contains nutrients such as B vitamins. Beer can be a great addition to a healthy and balanced diet, so if you prefer beer over wine, there's no reason not to indulge in it while also reaping its health benefits.